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I'm currently working on the yet to be titled, Book III of the Eden Chronicles, as well as putting the finishing touches on the first book of a new post viral-apocalypse story. See below for some detail, teasers and status on those projects.  

A Bright Shore

Eden Chronicles: Book One

​Western Civilization has had its run. The West's own governments are giving up, have already lost, or are leading the charge to something else. This doesn't sit well with those who believe in Liberty. This is the story of a people who have lost the political fight, they've lost the culture wars, they haven't seen a level playing field in a generation, and they are about to be made serfs.  None of that matters. They're leaving...


Fresh starts are rarely easy. This is the first book in a story about a new world, different enemies, and old luggage.  


Come and Take It

Eden Chronicles: Book Two

The story continues with our heroes having made it to Eden, one world in a series of mirror Earths. They've found an empty world they hope to make their home, a place worth fighting for. Unfortunately, they aren't the only ones who feel that way. 

Faced with an implacable enemy, with no concept of surrender and no word for 'retreat,' they look for an ally in the least likely of places. 


Eden Chronicles: Book Three

In progress...

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