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As Promised . . .

I'm going to try and write a little more regularly in this space and provide the updates that some readers seem interested in. First off; yes there will be a #3 in the Seasons of Man series - I'm working on it right now. I'm aiming for a release sometime this summer. It could be early summer, might be late summer - it depends on how much real life gets in the way and how much sleep I can go without. For those fast readers who have have already finished "Bridgehead" - there will also be a #5 and #6 in the Eden Chronicles series - and probably many more as that universe has a ton of stories that I could tell.

I often get asked why I don't just finish one series and then focus on the other. Truth is, I read books in a lot of different genres - I get bored if I just focus on one type of style to the exclusion of others. I feel the same way when I write and I need to switch it up. Dirty secret alert! - there's a third series coming, part alternate history, part grimdark. There's a fourth story brewing that's a mash up of military sci-fi, space opera meets the Dirty Dozen. I have a couple of dozen other stories at various stages ranging from pure fantasy to pure space opera that I plan on fleshing out at some point. None of those future stories impinge on the writing process or time spent on the current two series - but they are there in my head, dancing with whatever brain cells I'll kill tonight with a couple fingers of Caol Ila. They end up feeding whatever will get written in the stories you are reading now.

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