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The Eden Chronicles

Book One Eden Chron.jpg

A Bright Shore

Eden Chronicles: Book One

​Western Civilization has had its run. The West's own governments are giving up, have already lost, or are leading the charge to something else. This doesn't sit well with those who believe in liberty. This is the story of a people who have lost the political fight, lost the culture wars, haven't seen a level playing field in a generation, and are about to be made serfs.  None of that matters. They're leaving...


Fresh starts are rarely easy. This is the first book in a story about a new world, different enemies, and old luggage.  

Book Two Eden Chron.jpg

Come and Take It

Eden Chronicles: Book Two

The story continues with our heroes having made it to Eden, one world in a series of mirror Earths. They've found an empty world they hope to make their home, a place worth fighting for. Unfortunately, they aren't the only ones who feel that way. 

Faced with an implacable enemy, with no concept of surrender and no word for 'retreat,' they look for an ally in the least likely of places. 

Book Three Eden Chron.jpg

New Shores

Eden Chronicles: Book Three

A continuation of the Eden Chronicles - The Forces on Eden are licking their wounds following their victory over the Strema. Their new allies and neighbors, the Jema, are free for the first time in a thousand years - and they want payback. The Jema are going to take the fight to the Kaerin on Chandra, with or without the help of Eden.


Meanwhile on Earth, the dumpster fire continues to burn as Sir Geoff and Task Force Chrome are being hunted by the ISS and the military. The fight for freedom rages across three worlds and the one group that is capable of travelling between them is out gunned and outmanned.

Bridgehead Kindle.jpg


Eden Chronicles: Book Four

The Eden Chronicles continue . . . Surviving in a dangerous universe relies on having good neighbors. The Edenites have escaped the dumpster fire of authoritarian government on Earth only to discover their Kaerin neighbors on the other side of Eden’s quantum “street” want them dead. The friendly Jema have returned to Chandra in the hopes of freeing their home planet from the Kaerin, but they need help. The Jema need a toehold on Chandra from which to launch their revolution; the Edenites need allies, and the Kaerin are now faced with an enemy that doesn’t fight fair. “Bridgehead” is the fourth book in the “Eden Chronicles” from the author of the best-selling “Seasons of Man” series. S.M Anderson is a former CIA Operations Officer who has decided his lifelong ‘habit’ is more fun than real work. He writes to entertain and you can follow his progress on or on Facebook.

Seasons of Man

End Of Summer SOM BOOK 1.jpg
Reap What you Sow SOM book 2.jpg

End of Summer

Seasons of Man:  Book 1

When a viral apocalypse kills 97% percent of the people on the planet, the survivors' humanity is hanging by a thread. Amid the leftovers of civilization, ex-Army Ranger Jason Larsen is reminded of the meaning of hope, family, and loyalty by a dog and a young boy who are as alone as he is. The survivors he seems to collect become family, and that is very bad news for those who think they run the apocalypse.

This is the first book in a new series from the author of the Eden Chronicle's "A Bright Shore," "Come and Take it," and "New Shores."


Reap What You Sow

Seasons of Man:  Book Two

The best-selling story of Jason, Pro, and Rachel continues where “End of Summer” left off. ‘The Suck’ - the virus that claimed 97% percent of humanity - is gone. The arrival of other survivors with a different take on the future may be as dangerous as the virus itself. In the middle, with their hands on the scales, is a group of former soldiers and civilians who survived the virus in Antarctica. They’ve arrived to find a dead world, with no rules.

“Reap What You Sow” is the second novel in the Seasons of Man series from the author of “A Bright Shore”. 

Standing at the Gates _ E-book Cover.jpg

Standing at the Gate

Seasons of Man:  Book Three

The exciting conclusion of the ‘Seasons of Man’ Trilogy.

A year and a half has passed since the defeat of Charlottesville. The idea of an actual future is starting to take root among the survivors. Jason and Rachel have found a semblance of peace with a family. Pro has found a calling and Pavel has found a place to call home. A dangerous enemy, flying the Stars and Stripes from across the Appalachians has turned their attention to Potomac and everything the survivors have built. Colonel Skirjanek’s fledgling Atlantic League and his Marines are going to be asked to defend not only themselves, but a free future. In the background, Mother Nature decides to get in on the act and delivers a new threat from a half a world away.

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